Dear Lawd Gawd, Please kill me now. I realized that though your methods can be harsh, the good Flynn has learned to self-repair the leaking 'toilet connector'. She had informed her lead Das Squirrel via text message on or about 2138 tonight that Evil Kitty is smart. Yup! Ed, the elderly plumber, who is half … Continue reading 20170712-2207-Stuff


Well, Mom's TAVR and/or pace maker went well. We're waiting in the Critical Care Family Unit, meaning although the Surgery/Procedure is completed, Mom is still coming outta the stuff. I was going to text message the relatives and parishioners. But the guys said wait until the wishes of the patient is made known. The surgeon … Continue reading 201707012-1419-Stuff


http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/borelli-closes-the-sale-of-65-acres-at-the-san-jose-flea-market-for-new-apartments-and-retail-space-300486283.html Yeah well, I sure would like to rent this old PAID OFF house and live elsewhere, fine my own pad such as a new apartment (no insurance worries, liabilities, etc), and do my own thing. I'm hoping San Jose could thrive despite those who take advantage of the overall Progressive system. I can't wait … Continue reading 20170712-1226-Stuff


Das Squirrel and I have occupied a round table. He is working on his laptop. I'm blogging. Dad has used the toilet and is gonna walk around the MV campus. I realized within the half hour how ET (extraterrestrial) and pals have communicated unto moi via numerical values such as 'nein juan juan'. Per Dad … Continue reading 20170711-1100-Stuff


Dad, Das Squirrel, and I are almost finished with breakfast after receiving a late email at 0900 that Mom's scheduled appointment is 1100 AM. Two or three patients are scheduled with that doctor today. We arrived at the hospital on or about 0530. Mom had her vitals, blood withdraw to determine the blood type in … Continue reading 20170712-0932-Stuff