Dad, Das Squirrel, and I are almost finished with breakfast after receiving a late email at 0900 that Mom’s scheduled appointment is 1100 AM. Two or three patients are scheduled with that doctor today.

We arrived at the hospital on or about 0530. Mom had her vitals, blood withdraw to determine the blood type in case of blood transfusion, 1000 ml of 0.9% Sodium Chloride IV, EKG readout, and oxygen.

So Mom signed the consents. One included three students called Team Fogarty, who will observe through the glass window above. 

I’ve sinned and ate Tiramisu Mouse for breakfast of Belgium waffles, eggs and pork sausage.

The toilet connector of the master bathroom sprung a leak last night as discovered by Mom. The guys didn’t want mom to worry about calling the plumbing. 

So yeah, I’ve gotten severe diarrhea last night of mostly gaseous farts and loose BM due to OREO milkshake, which I’m probably lactose intolerant. My butt hole hurts as a result. I’m still burping.

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