Dear Lawd Gawd,

Please kill me now. I realized that though your methods can be harsh, the good Flynn has learned to self-repair the leaking ‘toilet connector’.

She had informed her lead Das Squirrel via text message on or about 2138 tonight that Evil Kitty is smart. Yup!

Ed, the elderly plumber, who is half Mexican and half Filipino, placed the black colored, rubber ring in the ‘reverse’ or upside down. Idiot!!!

She has also learned tonight that she’ll comply with your wishes and, going forward, she’ll do the toilets which has been reserved for specially Dad, who can no longer handle multi-tasking.

This pivot in life indicates that there shouldn’t be anything scary than doing the dirty jobs, such as cleaning the stinking toilets, and the good Flynn is in good spirits.

In return for your harsh blessings, her Dad is grateful for saving him the trouble of calling the Crystal, the plumber’s manager, and the anxiety of spending too money much again. 

Your servant with opposable paws,

Evil Kitty

P.S. The payment of one bowl of tina fish is humbly requested, NOW! If not possible at this time, please forgive me for asking! Hiss!

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