BlackBerry® KEYone | United States – Press Release Information OMG! It has an actual physical keyboard and it has Corning Gorilla glass! We used Corning dishware products at home! This high-tech material from the past is sweet! OMG! I'm gonna upgrade first thing in the morning! I'm gullible for new stuff and am willing to try innovative products. I dint believe in returning … Continue reading BlackBerry® KEYone | United States – Press Release Information

20170713-1651-Stuff OMG! Thank you Google news! The Lawd Gawd is truly merciful! I want one BlackBerry KeyOne! I don't like blogging on the screen! It's too slippery and the auto-correct doesn't always work. I want the feel of the mechanical clicking clacking underneath my fleshy digits! I have better control on the accuracy of the … Continue reading 20170713-1651-Stuff

20170713-1626-Stuff Hmm, by that 2034 time of Medicare reserves depletion, I may already be dead. My Dad's side last anywhere from 76 years top 92 years of age. While my Mom's side lasts around 70 years of age.  I'm already feeling the aches and pains of old age - slow muscle responses from high cholesterol … Continue reading 20170713-1626-Stuff

Watch “Sitting On Top of The World” on YouTube 20170713-0018. Well, Brother Nathaniel got the 'legato' good. After four years as a choir member, I just learned how to sing a 'legato' - doing an uptick or downtick. Our fearless leader taught us that a piano is a percussion instrument and that an organ too cannot mimic the 'legato' of a human voice.