Hmm, by that 2034 time of Medicare reserves depletion, I may already be dead. My Dad’s side last anywhere from 76 years top 92 years of age. While my Mom’s side lasts around 70 years of age. 

I’m already feeling the aches and pains of old age – slow muscle responses from high cholesterol stain drugs, torn rotator cuffs from lifting, busted wrists from snowboarding, loose sciatic back from falling, and other sadness. 

Yeah, so Mom is resting comfortably after today’s ‘semi-permanent’ pacemaker and yesterday’s TAVR installation. They couldn’t stabilize her heart readings with the ‘temporary’ pacemaker after 1430 yesterday and since this morning.

Dad and I ate a late lunch and I’m trying not to pass out from glucose overload. I better stand up a jiggle my butt.

Anyway, I’m curious how y’all are gonna fund socialized benefits that’s supposed to be afforded to those who worked hard here legally.

I’ve been born and raised here and I don’t know if I earned enough to fund into Social Security and Medicare. I’m so poor now that without Medicaid, which is MediCal here in California, I won’t have some intervention.

All we could do is wait and see what happens. I’m terribly disappointed that humanz enjoy too much in life that they’d pollute their template and end up under the knife one easy or the other. I know because I’m a sinner who indulges in rich food. Yummy. Clog! Burp! 

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