Bullshit! See? This is what I mean! The SJPD and the Courts are in cohorts with each other! WTF? That’s why is important to have camera and video surveillance as hard-core, solid evidence. I swear I’m not happy, too. 

For example, Das Squirrel reported to me that during his block meeting discussing perch theft, the SJPD invited guest speaker told the audience that they DON’T NEED TO USE GUNS and that they should let the police user guns. Bullshit! WTF?

Das Squirrel decided not to make a big stink during this community block meeting. He’s a member of the NRA, by the way, I think. So right there, my own liberal and progressive county and country really hates humanz.

Further and as I mentioned in a recent blog entry, they are reversing our complaints and making us look stupid. You know what? Let’s get rid of the Satanic beastly system of unions, union dues, and unionized assembly of skulls full of mush. 

I know because the pastor, who is in the Philippines, told us that he has to treat everyone fair, despite our complaint. I know because the nurse, who is Ilocano too, told is that she has to treat everyone fair. 

In my opinion and judgement, bullshit! Y’all can’t expect the thumb to do the functions of the ring finger and pinky. Likewise, those who served in the medical profession like Mom, can have ‘better’ treatment by the staff because they understand each other’s discipline. 

It’s like trying to associate with musicians and other groups when those differences clash, I can’t imagine how y’all can get along. 

Anyway, yesterday my incoming thought indicated that y’all can’t get along. The experiment is a failure. Though all the beauty exists, there is this hellish planet of pain and suffering.

Judge each according to merit, background, sincerity, and other traits worthy of exceptions and special treatment, except crazy and stupid humanz. 

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