This is my first WordPress we log using my newly activated BlackBerry KEYone since last night! I’m confusing the alt key and up arrow keym I’m watching LIVE Fox Business News – O.J. SIMPSON PAROLE HEARING.

The panel is fair and just and must be ethical in their decisions. I told Mom that Hilda the Filipina was married to a black guy. She said that when blacks get mad, they really get mad. She was abused by the black guy and divorced him. She has kids with the jerk. Yuck! 

Anyway, with regards to your hearing, OJ stills sounds like someone who would kill again. He sounds arrogant just like other wealthy Satanists. Mom said they are like animals and that’s because they came from monkeys! I was shocked and laughing. 

I’m recalling a recent YouTube video by Jordi, who is probably TRUMP MAFIA. He did a video comparing images of Choco Obama and a gibbon, a new world primate, which is cuter than a chimpanzee and less violent than the gentler gorillas. The background music was a Filipino song titled, Anak.

The problem with dummies like OJ is that they go ape wild over inanimate object and would shoot to kill to protect they alleged properties. Remember raw materials were extracted and manufactured to look like temporary pieces of memory.

He didn’t have ti to pull a gun on animated objects known as people. Bad move OJ.

One thought on “20170720-1007-Stuff

  1. 20170720-1032. Yeah, but once an angry reptilian always an angry reptilian, who likes to fornicate, like the Respondent living adjacent to us. She also serves as a ‘Christian’ and still joins the Saturday evening, CFC choir. Emme and the others can only roll their eyeballs in disgust. These violent reptilianz have NO shame whatsoever because they believe in their reality that they didn’t do anything wrong!


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