CMS official Jonathan Morse said that the “largest contributors” to billing mistakes in standard Medicare were claims from home health care and inpatient rehabilitation facilities.”

Well, last Saturday, Mom was discharged from the hospital after receiving her TAVR on 7/12 and her pacemaker on 7/13!

On 7/10, the case manager for this home health care visited Mom after the ECH RN communicated her stuff on the fourth of July.

Mom said the Filipinos are good at collecting stuff. So they have been honest about visiting one hour each and having us sign off each time.

But their services won’t be necessary since I’m on board to assist the patient. I’ve been told that I’m a good daughter. I’ll take that.

I’ve been blogging with my new Blackberry KEYone smartphone. The QWERTY keyboard makes blogging more funner (bad English).

Yeah, so with their 9-month program confliciting with the hospital’s cariac rehab program for 12-weeks, we’ll find out tomorrow with the opinion of Mom’s heart doctor.

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