On June 08, 2017, Mom was sent a 2017 Congressional District Census, of which I ‘helped’ to fill out for her. I put my personal check into the mail. Lo and behold, phone calls and other unwanted mails started flowing into our household.

On Jun 23, 2017, I received a thank you for the RNC or http://www.gop.com, which is supposed to be a non-profit organization.

On July 5, 2017 and July 25, 2017, I received the mail to pledge the $10 from an unwanted phone call, which was made to the property owner’s landline and which I posted a complaint online anonymously. I referenced my favorite time-date stamps and the script.

On July 7, 2017, I received an Lifetime Membership in the RNC for $750.00. Now I DON’T FEED THE RINOS! If they can’t get along with the current POTUS, though some have labeled him as ‘crazy’ and are ‘worried’ recently and for the same price, I’d rather buy a new 12.9 inch iPad, which is still to heavy at slightly over one pounds!

You guys suck! Now, if y’all pass that repeal and replace AHA sometime scheduled for 1830 EST this evening, I may reconsider and pay to have my name etched as a Life Member Roll of Honor into the bowels of the beastly system located in Washington D.C. I hope the http://www.gop.com isn’t a fund funneling scam. That’s a lifetime of pledging. No!

One thought on “20170725-1005-Stuff

  1. We have never filled out any kind of census. Damn data-mining, and the things asked are none of their business. I’ve always chucked them straight into the trash.

    We still get unwanted circulars and local mags, which we put straight into the recycle bin at the post office.


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