Trump Says Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed in the Military

Well, y’all were born into bodies as designated by your previous karmic debt. Learn to live in your humanized body in female or male as best as possible, observe your experiences, and when y’all die report back to God how you’ve repented against your sins and be forgiven. No matter how y’all try to reassign your gender or play dress up, y’all are messed up in the head and in spirit.

Yesterday, we watched a YouTube video of Trump’s speech in front of an audience of scouts jamboree. The speech is spot on as inspirational. Do a job that y’all enjoy. That sorta stuff. We didn’t know that some of Trump’s cabinet members were/are scouts – who are trustworthy.

With that said, the time-honored tradition of the military must remain intact – that the strength within is NOT the outward appearances of freaks but the dedication to serve without taking advantage of discrimination. Mom agrees with Trump that transgenders are cutting into the funds with confused identity.

That’s how America is destroyed. Everyone knows it. To continue your path to destruction is easy. To rebuild a sanctified nation is difficult. Why are y’all protecting those few minorities for the many who do NOT outwardly make a big deal over their identities? Either assimilate, acclimate, and get along, or not.

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