20170727-2032-addendum stuff added at the bottom:

I’m stuck on the side I-280 south. I have a dental appointment at 1100 am. WTF! HIGHWAY PATROL move!

I arrived at a 1158. Now in waiting in line at 1103. I’m stuck here with a bunch of Mexicans yakking about the cute little baby. I’m more Chinoy and try to blend in but NOT comfortably and without success as I’m NOT dark-skinned enough.

The RINOs have fucked up my access to REAL health care insurance by not passing the repeal and replace of Obamacare. I’m hoping to work and pay my own insurance and go back to my old medical providers. I really miss the service. There’s no line and NO NOISE! I hate noise!

At 1138, I was finished after being called into the room. The dentist scraped fast and rinsed fast. My teeth are too clean for cleaning. I’m wasting my time and theirs. I could save y’all money if y’all just fix my teeth when it cracks or something.

At 1141, I have an appointment two months from now for a filling! WTF must we wait to have anything done on the SAME damn day! It’s wasting my gas and taking time off from work and today’s accompaniment of my parents at ECH.

1226, picked up parents and now stuck again on I-280 south due to an accident! WTF! I had to veer off Stevens Creek Blvd, got stuck at Lawrence Exwy. The whole day is traffic! WTF!

1300, we ate lunch and then went home to nap.

Anyway, I see that Obamacare is beneficial for FREE service which I have taken advantage of because of my LOW INCOME status! Seriously, where’s the money? The dental service was good as usual as the dentist explaned that they don’t take breaks according to labor laws when busy but take them when possible. The check-in was slow at ten minutes but the waiting was excellent at a few seconds. The check-out was ten minutes.

I see that Medicare is benefiial for the elderly. Without Medicare, Mom won’t be able to attend the VERY useful cardiac and pulmonary rehab program. It’s for 36 medically-monitored appointments. I doubt Mom can use the exercise equipment but I except her to huff and puff like someone with a ‘new heart’.

Her vitals are VERY much improved! Except she still has to take medication, which doesn’t make sense. I guess the PCP was correct that the TAVR and/or pacemaker doesn’t fix everything.

Anyway the Medtronics guy said that Mom has an accelerometer that adjusts. Whatever. The cardiologist who performed Mom’s TAVR said that she came back from Chicago, Illinois for a new device.

Hmmm. I’ll probably provide ‘behind the scenes’ feedback of Mom’s medial improvements. Yeah, so thanks to Chicagoland. It’s difficult to place a price on a human with robotic parts. Bahaha! The conspiracy theorists of ‘trans-humanism’ is already here. Mom’s got an AI inside her! This is NOT ‘fake news’. It’s real people! Bahaha!

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