With regards to fake news, non-fake news is ALSO fake! Why, Flynn! It’s because chumps like Alex Jones and pals continue to spew forth stuff about fighting back. These chumps have already identified the problems, challenges, obstacles – AND they make money, travel to Hawaii, and continue to sell their stuff.

Most humanz can NOT afford to fight back. My parents were blessed to fight back against the Repsondent because they practiced ‘frugality’. No, they’re NOT Ilocanos, who are notorious for taking! And so those without the blessed means and ways, there is NO way to take up the cross, pick up the sword, pitchfork, and torches.

Listen, I’ve been blogging about stuff that no one would ever believe, except the government and those who know what’s in my heart and mind. With that said, I too can spew forth stuff but I do NOT make money and blog anonymously.

For all we know these ‘media’ personalitis are clones with their memories and minds wiped clean and only authorized to spew forth their ‘fake news’. This includes the current POTUS and his profuse Twitter activities. He can only get away with spews if he isn’t part of the cogwheels.

That’s why and although my YouTube account shows ‘meta data’ of viewing Infowars and others, it’s only because the mother fucker wants to watch! It’s my fault that I introduced her to the creep with the raspy reptilian voice modulation. It’s my fault I couldn’t keep the elderly busy with stuff OUTSIDE of home, the internet, the computer, and other online spews!

So those ‘intelligence details’ are falling short of tracking and monitoring dissents. For example, Alex Jones is yapping on our smart television but I’m NOT listening or absorbing, but busying myself with this blog entry.

I really do NOT care what happens with their noise. It’s grating on the nerves and it does NOTHING to get me employed. Heck, I want to buy stuff but can’t because my spiritual assignment is to annoy, err, be annoyed by my elderly parents. Bless their kindly souls.

For without this ‘job’, I’m homeless. Yeah, so you Happiness Engineers, do be aware that it’s all ‘business as usual’. Trust no one, not even your relatives or closest friends. And just work hard and hope for the best.

Like I said, I’m fed up with the Feds and the fools being fooled and other propaganda, including religion and all it’s mind-numbing double-speaking nonsense. I’m NOT even interest in church choir anymore being surrounded by Ilocanos, Pampangas, and other creepy Filipinos who play dumb. Fuck.

Yesterday, the PT (from Bohol, Philippines where my father’s mother was born) came over from past 1700 to almost 2000. She said that Filipinos are notorious for taking hotel stuff, such as soap, towels, old slippers, whatever. Now the hotels are getting better and doing ‘room checks’. It’s NOT a myth but the truth.

So how do y’all know that the talking heads on YouTube like Mark Dice and others are telling the truth? I’m sick and tired of all these hells, which will never seem to go away. It’s one crap after another crap. Non-stop nonsense.

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