Melania Trump makes RISKY choice in unusual hot pink printed dress for day in Poland | ://www.express.co.uk/life-style/style/825414/melania-trump-poland-agata-kornhauser-duda

While scanning more paper, while watching Trump Mafia’s latest YouTube video, and after browsing online and finding a news link to randomly share on my blog, I had an incoming thought a few minutes.

The reason why Malania’s dress is ‘unusual’ is because of her allegiance unto Hail, Satan! She may be ‘Christians’ but these reptilianz are ‘hiding’ in plain sight/view!

Behold! Evil Kitty will share her side: Can’t y’all see the stylized ‘long-horns’ on her dress? The abstract print shows the two red ‘wings’ or horns with the circular center of ‘666’ or feminine opening. I’m not kidding! Yup!

So like Michelle O, the Sasquatch, Melania KT is being used to ‘spread her wings’. OMG! That was weird! My incoming thoughts are hilarious. Anyway, take it or leave it, chumps! I expect nothing more or less from the likes of you humanz!

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