The Daily Messenger: Your Retarded blog host is tard with sharp knife…

20170801-2309. Well, does it hurt? Umm, yeah that’s nasty!

Anyway, yesterday while helping Mom prepare a dish of hammock in mung bean soup, I was thinking about you and the tallest cluts with the knife, too.

I was holding the small deboning knife and visually reminding myself to cut AWAY from fingers!

I repeated that ‘predictive programming’ to be AWARE of how close my fingers were to the sharp blade as I held the small hock bones and scraped off meat remnants an othe connective tissues.
I expected y’all to have known my thoughts but NOT to manifest it into your reality so thusly! God, you’re such a retard!

And look! You’ve bloodied your empty plate. Y’all need to be more careful, or just stop using knives! Sheesh! Ruined my sleep!

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