Watch “The 3 Worst Things You Can Do To Your Neck – Dr. Alan Mandell, D.C.” on YouTube 20170806-2057. Yup, that's twelve freaking pounds from my BIG bowling ball head of pain in the neck and shoulders! Mom has a hump on the upper back, though she has NEVER used a cellphone. I better be conscience and watch out for pinched nerves, which I'm feeling, due to degenerative discs! Evil smartphones!

20170806-1315-Stuff It's worth the price because the mini-QWERY keyboard is VERY handy, along with the dictionary of the most popular words! I love typing and blogging and speed and accuracy is VERY important. I just type two to three letters and the auto - suggestions pop up. I love the BB Privacy Shade! I'm blogging … Continue reading 20170806-1315-Stuff

20170806-1258-Stuff Bravo! Until the advanced ALIENS allow for full transitions, I'd stick on being born into a body and experience affinity with the same sex. Y'all can do your hairs classically and wear make-up. Y'all can wear can wear normal clothes and NOT too flamboyant. But last Wednesday, Das Squirrel (the OLD soul) said that … Continue reading 20170806-1258-Stuff