Watch “FAIL! Buzzfeed Attack On Infowars Blows Up In Their Face” on YouTube

20170809-2231. Once again, I don’t mind trying new stuff. However, I was ranting to Mom who doesn’t seem to care and hear my noize the other day about any and all diagnostic tools that would measure, for example, how ‘improved’ the brain functions and activities directly resulted from ingesting their ‘Brain Force’ product.

Likewise, I’m still trying to get rid of these LARGE capsules from Infowars. And honestly, I don’t feel anything! As with all these and other supplements that I’ve purchased ‘over-the-counter’ (OTC) and natural health websites, I could only offer my subjective results! Seriously, I may be damaging my liver for all I know but won’t know until I get a physician’s order for lab works! Do y’all understand where I’m going with this?

It’s the reptlianz ‘business as usual’ scheme, which I know all too well after so many slong years of ‘studying’ the effects of creating psychological chaos, its urgency for resolution through purchases and taxation to boot, and the claims to benefit from their various and endless supply of crap.

I’m sorry, but I’m wondering why another YouTube blogger (TRUMP MAFIA) has jested MANY times against the ‘iodine liquids’ and offered his chuckles. That vblogger MUST know something about AJ and his noize. I don’t know, really. All I know is that ingesting the liquid iodine drops messed up my menses as I thought I was going through menopause! I might have overdosed.

But without a ‘real’ physician’s order to request the appropriate lab work, I really don’t know if I’m too high in one serum area or NOT! Do y’all understand why the health industry needs to be regulated? Buyers beware, along with the caveat emptor stuff! It could may well be ‘snake oil’ for all we know!

During our grocery shopping at our local military commissary last week, I eyed a bottle of ‘coconut oil’, thinking that would supplement my diet with nutrients. For all I know and after reading the ingredients, I did NOT see anything with coconut! I saw glycerin and other crap!

So yeah, I’m sick and tired of buying stuff that may or may NOT work! This same tactic applies to electronics, computers, automobiles, and other non-natural crap that humanz do NOT really need or want. We want new knees and other replaceable organic parts. We want y’all to wipe away our tears, mend our broken hearts, and give us the hope of everlasting peace.

But, no! Y’all continue to create a more hellish planet with your NOIZE! Endless noize. Constant noize. Noize from your broadcast. Noize from your technology. Nozie from your crowds fighting back. Noize with plant-based, whole-food, which we learned from tonight’s lecture series. Educational, yet troublesome noize. Sigh.

One thought on “Watch “FAIL! Buzzfeed Attack On Infowars Blows Up In Their Face” on YouTube

  1. I’ve not tried Alex’s supplements. I do know that some of them are re-labeled from GHC (Global Health Center) by Dr. Edward Group.

    Alex takes the Youngevity’s vitamins and mineral, particularly the Beyond Tangy Tangerine. I remember watching Alex interview Dr. Joel Wallach, and he said he didn’t like the calcium liquid supplement called OsteoFX Plus. Now that one is kind of yucky and hard to get down. The Beyond Tangy Tangerine one is easy, which we just drop the powder to dissolve in the fruit juice smoothies. And we like his SweetEZE supplement to take before meals to keep blood sugars down. Plus that one still comes in gelatin caps, as far as I know.

    And some of the stuff I used to take, but switched due to them changing formulas, adding that DNA disrupting microcrystalline celluse crap, like they did in those amino acids I once took. And then sticking them in the polymerized veggie caps, such as cellulose, hypromellose, Pullulan, etc… So I switched to the MAP Amino Acids, which are still clean to this day. I wrote them a nasty email reprimanding them of the change and the lady emailed back saying it was the decision of the formulation company, and I sid to her that it was BS that it was THEIR supplement and that they have the say so, not the formulating company. She led me to believe that Big pHARMa had something to do with it.

    I used to take the Biotics Research Drenamin for adrenals, and the last batch bought had cellulose in the mix, so I tossed them in the trash. Same with their DHEA tablets too. When I looked at old PDF inserts of the supplements (which I saved), the earlier versions never had these extra junk excipients in them. The newer PDFs show all this junk in them. My husband was always trying to get me to take this supplement called Protandim which is a turmeric supplement. I hated that supplement, and would say that I didn’t want it. Well, now wonder, it has cellulose in it, so I tossed it and he was looking all over the house for it.

    I am thinking that Big pHARMa gets into the supplement companies and forces them to put dangerous ingredients in their supplements, and to “water them down”. Mannatech did that too, so my hubby quit promoting them. New and improved now means “we corrupted it”. I had a whole trashcan full of stuff I tossed. Now all that is on my desk and cabinets are mostly bulk stuff, which I mix and put in gelatin capsules myself. The enzymes are still good as far as the mix goes, but the capsules are crap, so I have to re-encapsulate them. It’s a pain to have to do that, but you can never trust companies nowadays. What was once good then, is crap now.

    Until these evil “end time merchants” are wiped off the face of Earth, we will continue to have all these problems and it’s up to us to vote with our pocketbooks.


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