Watch “Student Fakes Being Black to Get Into Medical School Under Affirmative Action” on YouTube

20170809-2155. OMG! That’s hilarious. He and the ex-president to the NAACP have demonstrated the smartness of humanz taking advantage of a liberal, progressive system!

WTF do you mean, Flynn? Well, chumps! This is so real! Two weeks ago, Mom registered at the Wounds Care Center. Michelle assisted us as she did almost exactly one year ago for Mom’s other wound.

Anyway, after taking the paper and after walking half-way down the hall to the treatment area, I noticed a goof in Mom’s demographics. My mind was racing as I saw from a recent paperwork from the cardiologist office of this same goof.

I went back to Michelle and requested her to change it to Filipino. She said that would be Asian. I said that’s okay and that would be easier for identification and less confusing for the staff who would be looking for a ‘pale face’. Brouahaha! Tanto!

WTF are you talking about, Flynn? Well, chumps! Michelle said long ago a Filipino lady told her that she wasn’t Asian. And for whatever reason, I guess Filipinos are NOT Asians, not mainland China and surrounding areas but mixed up humanz with mostly Malay origins and some European Spaniard influences for over 400 years of enslavement.

With that said, Filipinos are for some odd stuck under the race of ‘Cau-Asians’ for this particular non-profit organization! How cool is that? Yeah, and to further illustrate the strangeness of OVER categorizing humanz into ‘races’, the nurse practitioner for my sleep apnea up in the fifth floor was trying to troll unto moi by saying that I ‘looked’ European!

Hush! It’s not true! (Wink! Wink!) I tried to suggest that I’m part black too since my father’s paternal grandmother is DARK and that his side of the family has kinky curly hair. Hush! in the fifth floor for my sleep apnea. Sadly, I look Chinese.

I love trolling humanz! Tanto!

P.S. I was thinking there are other ‘colored’ races – red (NAI), yellow (Asians), chocolate (Africaan), purple (SAI), cream (Cauc-Asian), orange (Trump), and pink (ALIENS). And I truly believe in being a ‘race realist’ and I can see that Rachel Dolezal and Vijay Jojo are teaching us that it’s okay that humanz can interbreed and become confused.

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