Well, I’m a woman of a different color. And while I’ve NOT the opportunity to teach but actually learned that skewed results may vary in probability and statistics, can y’all do your research and find out just how many well-qualified WHITE MALES have been disproportionately been ousted from good paying jobs over the years and provide the general trend thereof and find solutions to that segment of the population?

Honestly, I would prefer y’all to make GOOD sandwiches. For well-made sandwiches NOT only feed the impoverished family but binds the man to his woman through his stomach. I think that’s why society is irritated because most men aren’t being looked after by a loving wife who needs to focus of keeping things together.

Further, I feel better at home tending to the needs of my family without the stress of a competitive environment found among cubicle slaves. It’s more fun at home with all its conveniences of hearth and free times!

Anyway, we need more women to participate in science, math, and technology. But all he’ll to y’all if y’all hook me up with a bitchy boss! No way! I know. It’s not to same looking up to a female leader, much like dealing with a single mother. Terrible. Yuck. 

One thought on “20170811-1843-Stuff

  1. I prefer staying at home too. Like with my hubby and our two cats. As far as work, we both work from home, plus he gets his retirement, VA Disability, Social Security, etc… And any monies I get from whatever online work I do, from summits, to this and that. As far as being bored, we have internet connection, so I can research, read, watch youtube, watch movies online, and then there’s always plenty of housework to do. Have some exercise equipment, so can exercise at home with good music from loud speakers. And then we have an outside porch to sit in the sun for a few, if we desire. Only time when we go out is to do errands, go to store, chiropractor, etc… Being thrown back in the workplace at age 60, would make for a very unhappy woman. So as long as rent is paid, we have food, utilities are on, I’m quite content to be here. I love being at home with loved ones.


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