OMG! You damn humanz are being played from and by these reptilianz. I don’t recall but my incoming thoughts indicated two-folds stuff.

After getting my two-month delayed blood work by Altia from the Caribbean at exactly 0800 this morning, we had breakfast at McD nearby because we had enough time to KILL prior to Mom’s doctor appointment at 0930. I got a long needle like from American Red Cross despite requesting a butterfly needle. She was EXCELLENT – felt ONCE my popped-up vein from my right arm and poked ONCE, which delivered a REFERRED pain to my upper left jaw.

So after we consumed most of our meal, I ranted aloud that Trump shouldn’t have to be ONE person to deliver a dual-edged message. Each ONE person must be dared to scream into the faces of the offending groups of racism. So I bet most humanz will fail to declare racism to other humanz because most humanz are NOT humanzied racist! See? I’m smart. Yup.

The other thought was the reversal of the hurt feelings to those behind the MS-13 group. By reversing the ‘tone’ away from alleged racism against a mostly South American sentiment, the psychological operatives are trying to present the North American sentiment. Sigh. And by the way, the symbolic numerical value of 13 may point to Masonic ties, so the MS-13 group and pals are in cahoots with each other. See? I’m smart. Yup.

The challenge in this latest ‘teaching’ is to demonstrate that most humanz would fight back against different sets of humanz. I think the propaganda is working well. I’ve yet to see what else the noise-makers in and around my neighborhood would do to try and trigger my emotional response.

Lately, we’ve been getting spooks drag racing up and down MY slong stretch of road. They have been doing rubberized-smelling donuts on it, too. The normal rice rockets try to mark their territories. And other spooks continue to make their presences known as ‘normal’ joggers, walkers, and other dog lovers. Eww!

Side note: y’all have been trolling this, my precious weblog. I know. Because after I posted two separate blogs – one about subscribing to newspaper and one referencing my middle name, a Mexican boy tried to get my payment method for a Mercury News subscription at our front door and a cream-colored RV is still parked across from our street facing side fence, respectively. Do NOT doubt unto moi, chumps!

Oh at 1526 PM, I called Emergency from my new Blackberry KEYone smartphone and reported, as a concerned citizen that there was a rusty reddish van on fire, northbound on HWY 101 and just before the westbound 237 exit. The operator asked are there flames. I replied, yes yes, twice. It was parked in the reversed and tucked nicely into tall wheat-colored brush. A grizzly salt-and-pepper bearded old man just emerged, casually walking along the dirty side, and stood a few feet behind his flaming vehicle. My first impression was that he set it on fire. When we went homebound around 1730 PM, 560 AM KSFO announced almost a dozen more incidences, including the clean-up, which left a grayish bald spot on the slight hill.

Well, I’ve got lots more crap to report. But for those who knows what is in my heart and mind, I do NOT believe that humanz are created in God’s image. I think these are just evil manifestations of hell incarnate, only made to look and act like humanz, like my dysfunctional DNA! Ugh! (More on that stuff later.)

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