Good! Now y’all can observe who slacks off at work! I don’t slack and do work.

But for whatever damn reason, that whitish tech consultant blob complained to her new skinny whitish boss and to my headhunter that I was on the phone too much and that I wasn’t working hard enough.

For your reference the short whitish consultant bitch doing AR and payroll is located off southbound 880, a name in her business as a con-sultant to ‘AAA’ family business off Scott Blvd.

On my first day, I was wondering why Alex the tall, skinny headhunter was afraid of that short whitish consultant blob and alerted me that she was in a BAD mood. 

That was a first red flag to me. The second red flag was her delay in setting up my login accounts. The third reg flag was her lack of cross-training me on her stupid processes.

The new boss was a skinny whitish lady and so I don’t know about that Half of the scheme with the bitch consultant. I wonder if Robert is aware of my Intl complaint submitted in my Customer Loyalty feedback opinion after being terminated by the back in October 28, 2016.

Poor Shane B is now up in SF. It’s NOT his fault but mine because I failed to alert them of the whitish prejudices going on at AAA. And that they weren’t willing to cross train me on payroll, which wasn’t my job focus. I’m more of A/R! Duh!

They complained I parked in the big boss parking space. FU y’all I didn’t know. They complained the auto-lights to the bathroom was turned off. FU control freaks.

They complained that I was on my phone too much. FU to the whitish blob, who was going in and outta my workstation several times that same day of termination. I had time to read news because she didn’t want to setup my login accounts and because my back hurt I had to stand up AT MY DESK while on my break! FU dummies!

And so if y’all wanna know the truth, ask Alex the tall skinny whitish headhunter. Y’all should have alerted me that the whitish blob is a crazy bitch. I’m bored was my last message on an Excel spreadsheet showing the short cuts of formulas to do work that was completed, by the way.

One thought on “20170816-2052-Stuff

  1. Yet again, why I love just working at home, and never having to deal with office politics and backstabbing co-workers.

    Back in 2010, when I told Horowitz and pals that I just could not deal with the BS from that red-headed cellulite infested beyotch in the office. So I packed my stuff and got out, and she came in late and asked what I was doing and I said to her, “you can have it, I’m outta here!”.

    At least I can control what I want to offer to people, and if a company does the unthinkable and changes products for the worse, then I take the links down, or make a note on posts about the changes, and whatnot.

    I really like the summit stuff, because with all the holistic doctors being murdered, we all have to watch these things to learn how to take care of ourselves properly and without mainstream drugs, vaccines, etc… For those that don’t the material themselves, they will be up the creek without a paddle when all the knowledgeable holistic docs are gone. We have to learn all of this now, while we still can. We don’t have to become docs ourselves, but have the knowledge to take care of ourselves, families and friends.

    And the upside, we sell a few DVDs, digital downloads of the summits/docu-series, so that we can have the means to take care of ourselves and families. And without all the stress to boot. I have been waiting since the 70’s for the “Work at Home” stuff, because I knew back then, that this would be possible in my lifetime.


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