Trump administration agrees to continue healthcare subsidy for now

Um, yeah, that would help us, err, moi! If y’all must know, I’ve been graciously assigned the unwanted seat among the low-income. Actually, I’ve earned little to no income after leaving my cushy job back at 2007. I didn’t have to leave but saw that the new manager was pushing us out. I’ve complained about that issue in my OLD blog.

Anyway, today, I picked-up my medication from the nearby warehouse. That’s correct! I’m so poor that the pharmacy is located INSIDE a warehouse. I ran outta pills and submitted a refill request on Saturday via online. The total amount is $0.00. That meant that I filled out my Patient Profile > Insurance section properly!

I’m so smart that I ‘guessed’ correctly on the ‘Group Number’, since my Medi-Cal card did NOT have the ‘Group Number’. It only had the ‘Member Number’ and the Group [Name]: VHP, which is under SCFHP. I saw the Plan Name based on my OLD electronic prescription receipt. Yup!

I’m confused why there are so many layers to this healthcare insurance card: I need to know how to file my scanned paper copies into properly labeled computer folders! Is is under the federal level for Department of Human Health Services? Under the State of California level? Under the County of Santa Clara level? Or is it under the non-profit organization sector with its unique website? Sometimes I use website addresses as a ‘parent’ folder for these files.

With that said, I’m awaiting the lab results from 08/14/2017 and/or invoices, if Medi-Cal has properly insured for $0.00 my blood work order request from an OUTSIDE PCP, who personally called me the following day and informed me that it looks good. I didn’t want to bug him on the details, since I can download the copy, when and if that corporation allows me to View the Upcoming lab results.

I had to seek his second opinion OUTSIDE of the original blood work results and diagnosis from the FREE clinic because I freaking felt that their ‘treatment’ is NOT aggressive enough. I’ve always had HIGH triglycerides and cholesterol levels. Now, I don’t feel the heaviness inside my system and pressure inside my head. But my neck, shoulder, and ALL joints are achy. I’m self-administering 81mg ‘baby aspirin’ for safety measures to help avoid STOKES!

In three months, in conjunction with donating whole blood to American Red Cross every 53 days, with eating a breakfast diet of flavor-packed oatmeal, with taking my 20mg statin medication every evening, and with ‘exercise’ in the form of fetching stuff for my elderly mother, who cried her eyes out yesterday and today due to hurt feelings from my mean and nasty foul potty mouth, I’m good.

But that’s NOT good enough since around August 2012 and for the three months on 40mg statin drugs and Nutrisystem food diet, I was really good with my blood results AND weight, which I gained back up to forth pounds in five years! I’m naturally a thick gal!

This new PCP doctor is correct: it’s the medication, and NOT donating blood or going on packed diet, and probably NOT even rigorous exercise. The drug is like Dawn dish washing liquid, like Drano Clog Remover, or like Clorox liquid bleach. I’d hate to say it but prescription medication do benefit, despite the risks.

I still have four supplements from Alex Jones Infowars to finish and other over-the-counter health remedies and supplements to get rid off. Honestly, it’s all in the blood. And with Mom’s ‘new heart’, she’s gonna torture me for another decade or so. So I’d better be clog free. That to avoid my snapping rages of irritability, which is a precursor symptom to heart disease. I do feel ‘agina’ pain over my heart area but that’s probably a referred pain from my OLD left should blade injury sustained on or about 18 years of age.

Tonight, I rationalized and imagined talking to the spirit world and God and accepted the ‘punishment’ of strict discipline from my mother, who may be a reptilian from the way she stuck out her LONG tongue to a triangular shape a coupld of times than other harsh teachers. I too have an ego and am stubborn to change my outmoded ways. It’s a long journey but with the correct entities, err, policies, y’all can make it happen, health-wise that is. Good luck and goo health, y’all!

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