Yeah, well, yesterday, and according to Das Squirrel, the OLD soul, Vlad the Impaler was actually a hero to the Christians against the Muslims invaders. Now, not unless you hypocrites and money-changers don’t wanna irk the Lawd Gawd AND get eaten up by a vengeful entity, y’all are expected to behave and SHTFU about racism. You are among the most racist brood, who dare and infiltrate the USA government with your freaking ‘brand names. Egos.

Now in hindsight, an honest Jew who married a Chinese, unlike Zuck the creepy bot who also married a Chinese, fought for Mom’s ‘new heart’ by screaming at her attending cardiologist who refused to order an ECG, which was quickly reviewed back in May 2017 until the jerk got up immediately and said quickly, ‘You need a new valve.’ Two months later, she’s much improved and feeling better, and now is seeing a new SAI cardiologist who operated on her and replaced a new TAVR. The following day a master electrician installed a new pacemaker. 

With that said, the Lawd Gawd is around to help. And if the whitish humanz are still giving y’all are hard time, just chill out because they’ll get their karma too for straying away. Don’t expect the messenger Trump to take sides either. All plans will come forth as necessary through guidance. Yup.

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