Yeah, well en route to a lecture series at 1300, we listened to Michael Savage, whom Trump Mafia doesn’t like, and that the talk show host complained that the listeners are NOT calling and are probably out to a ballgame. 

Honestly, most of us don’t seem to care, so long as our stash in touched! Until the stuff is completely removed, then the humanz will come out and about to make chaos as an end result of starvation. Yup.

So I wonder personalities like Alex Jones and other continue yapping and yet these Satanists are still allowed to exist under God’s watch. Very curious indeed to not notice the complacency. 

I guess God is still holding out his anger in the hopes that more souls would return. Time is drawing nigh. I will meditate and help to disengage their nonsense. Stand by and pray. Amen.

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