Watch “LIVE COVERAGE: Boston Free Speech Rally & Protests” on YouTube

20170819-1036. After breakfast and while chopping oopoo squash and Wrinkly Old Man green peppers, Mom wanted to watch LIVE broadcast of this Boston protests.

It’s time to go home. At 1033 AM their time, the police sirens have been blaring.

Earlier, an upclose of speech makers said, ‘We have the power of the people’. Or something like that in which I ranted while sweeping up our wooden floor of dried poop of parakeets, that ‘we have the power against influenza’. 

Then I reminded Dad of the European BLACK PLAGUE. If humanz truly have the power, why haven’t we cured the COMMON COLD?

And why are y’all protesting against ANTI-FACISTS? I throught y’all love your FREE stash (Medicared, Socialized Securities, Medicaids, and stuff)? I thought y’all love SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM.

Hmm. And what really MATTERS? I said last night that if I were God, let them kill themselves. So while y’all are getting arrested, some are enjoying the ballgames.

Sheesh. Go home and have some lunch siestas. Oh, why not dance in the streets, NOT protest? Why not visit your local animal shelter and hospitals for healing and helps?

One thought on “Watch “LIVE COVERAGE: Boston Free Speech Rally & Protests” on YouTube

  1. I’m all for visiting our local animal shelter. Thankfully, it’s a NO KILL one, so I like it because of that much. I still hate the fact that they shoot up these poor furbabies with mandated poisons though.

    One day we went, and we hung out for about an hour in the different cat rooms, and played with all kinds of different cats. If my husband hadn’t been in such a hurry, we would have gone to the dogs too. Even though I am a cat purrson, dogs are fun wot play with too.


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