Watch “Emergency Travel Advisory Issued For White Americans Traveling To These Cities” on YouTube


I’d hate to say it but based on my personal experience I’d have to state that at least one whitish folk helped me when I when I child. I won’t forget.

She was Lisa and blue-eyed blond-haired kid and I was playing and winning at a ballgame called ‘Four Squares’. A curly-haired Mexican kid with the last name of Rodriguez poked fun at me and said that played [tough] like a boy. I cried and she comforted me.

Fast forward, I kept to myself and observed in the background that even my own Filipino kinds are assholes. The Ilocano living adjacent to us is a bully and her maroon van isn’t working after we came home from church and saw the hood opened. In addition, I’ve heard horror stories about other asshole races.

So quit blaming and bullying each other. Last night, Mom and I watched a YouTube video of ‘Miserere Mei, Deus’ by Gregorio Allegri. A single photo of a cathedral demonstrated how the European folks are beautifully blessed compared to the rest of us. Brouhaha! It’s true. STFU.

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