While Mom’s exercising on the NuStep T5XR Recumbent Cross Trainer machine as part of her 36-week cardio rehab program, Dad is gonna walk around the construction site and the nearby park.

After lunchtime and while washing the dishes, I had a thought: Leave on your freewill. Come on your freewill. Harm none.

Now, now, I’m NOT a lesbian witch but thought that it was useful for those who wanted to go home or visit us via the sun.

Twice and then thrice, I closed my eyes and connected to Mister sunshine and saw the nice pinkish and purplish concentric circles and blasted the shit outta those who dare offended the Lawd Gawd.

Sorry, but I got sick and tired of being imperfect and observing evil that I had to interconnect and cleanse the energy as necessary and if possible for I know naught but haz feelz.

One thought on “20170821-1616-Stuff

  1. Hear hear! Yay! I did some blasting / boosting to via the ark blasting. My prayers and intent was Yah’s holy angels around all of us, and the ark energy around all of us too. And especially to President Trump and family, all of our other daily messengers, and good folks all around. Especially before and during this eclipse, because the satanists like to do evil things during full moons, eclipses, etc…

    I had my eyes shut, and while thinking good thoughts and protection intentions towards our “Trumpy Cat” lol. I saw and heard a screeching hagish witch screaming. And with ugly teeth too. So I gathered that the Lawd God was protecting our POTUS and family. I betcha some wtiches got burnt. Ouch!

    When I’m in that half awake and not quite asleep relaxed state, I can hear and see things at times. I still haz may boosting skillz! Bahahaha!

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