As y’all can see, I’m quite awake. I’ve been too excited with my new toy, the iPad A1822 (2017). My sheet music loads up freaking fast. I am pleased and so is Evil Kitty. 

I’ve discovered how freaking Ofline files are handled via Dropbox. Downloads seem to occur whenever any edits or changes, such as renaming folders and files, and moving them to a different location. Currently I’ve refreshed the Offline stuff and it’s 78% downloading thrice since my initial discovery.

I’m learning how to select, move, and delete my pdf files within the iBooks app. I’ve also pre-ordered a book of ‘what happened’ due out on 9/12/2017, Mom’s birthday interestingly enough. But I’m not gonna tell that Trump supporter. Nope!

I love how fast this A9 chip responds! It’s buttery smooth, but too heavy to hold while supine, or lying on bed. Even my BlackBerry KEYone smartphone is too difficult to use while supine. 

And so I’ve ordered my fifth and probably final piece of accessories, which is a binder insert for tablets, via smile.amazon.com for ASPCA donations. I could have saved money with this stuff! Slow!

20170825-0143. The download is completed. Now to sleep I think.

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