Yeah, and ‘my dog can post’ about how he peed on the new carpet and smiled when the human cleaned up after him.

While Evil Kitty may NOT have opposable thumbs for typing on Flynn’s new Blackberry KEYone smartphone, thoughts are transmitted to the human.

With that said, are we supposed to be happy about her and her role model stuff? Flynn had an incoming thought from Evil Kitty and wondered when and if Ivanka has cleaned a toilet bowl in her life!

Furthermore, as a mother to her wonderful children, and her knowing how to clean up after them, would she be a personal caregiver to her daddy?

For example, Flynn has been assigned to be an orderly to her mother. Twice, nay, thrive Flynn has donned her latex gloves. And at the behest of the bio-unit, Flynn assisted in digging out crap. I had to use soap. But Vaseline may work, too.

This due to old age and that’s a fact.

Now, Flynn is wondering if Das Squirrel will be processed in his old age by that nasty Twit Wifey who ignores her in-laws. That’s a good karmic sign because he wanted it so badly despite bad signs. I suspect that he’ll be dumped in a nursing home.

Don’t look at me, chumps. Prepare for your old-age demise! Brouhaha! I’ve seen the nurses. I don’t know how they maintain their professionalism through positivity in and around those who don’t get it.

Oh so pretty the thoughts of reality. Barf!

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