Greetings, chump! I’m blogging from my MacBook Air and it’s past midnight. I don’t understand how Apple did it but I love the lack of BLOATWARE, though I still believe in free OPEN-SOURCED apps for Androids, most of which I do NOT use due to my concern for their ‘vetting’, safety, and security.

Das Squirrel said that the proprietary software of Apple is ‘locked’ and it’s just too damn difficult to hack, crack, or whatever. That’s what I like – simplicity, cleaniness, and holiness. Maybe, that bite from the apple is symbolic, though some say it’s a pear fruit or even a fig fruit. I don’t know.

So while trying and failing to wind down for sleep, I decided to add my most frequently used electronic devices – scanners! That’s correct. And for whatever reason, the OS is stablized and the downloaded app doesn’t crash, which happens while using my Windows OS, of which I cannot seem to remove laptop computer from participating in the preview version.

Anyway, I think the conflict between the 32-bit software and the 64-bit hardware makes scanning outmoded. I was thinking of reselling it at my favorite electronics store and receiving only a measly $184 and that’s after spending hudreds of dollars.

I still want to get the larger e-reader screens but I’ll have to wait until that nice paper technology is available to us. And since I’ve ‘taken time off’ to give care to the elderly parents, I won’t be able to splurge much longer as my saved fund are really going nowhere – i.e. zero.

I’m loving my MacBook Air and iPad A1822 (2017). I’m expecting lighter materials as I age and the aches and pains in my hands and wrist will increase my inability to hold up the electronic devices for longer durations.

I still love blogging and I’ve lots of insights to share. This keyboard is really soft-sounding, not clickety, but has enough ‘give’ without the excessive downward force for making my word public.

Good night! Oh, and the charging is fast. I love fast, including cars. I get impatient during productivity and driving my elderly parents during traffic! OMG! Maybe, we all need to upgrade to driveless vehicles so EACH pod can TAILGATE and get us faster to our places of designation. This is my imagination for those with disabilities, who want to get around town.

Okay, I have to try getting off this computer. It’s been a fun. Hiss.

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