Listen, chumps! I do NOT appreciate y’all making such a fuss over something so useless. It happens all the time. The Filipinos are used to these watery emergencies. As a matter of fact, Mom said that during her childhood, everyone was happy, having fun, and playing in the flood waters. 

Furthermore, chumps! I do NOT like your fake weather manipulation! Y’ALL MUST CEASE AND DESIST ANY AND ALL HAARP-RELATED ACTIVITIES, PRONTO! I had to cancel my appointment with the AMR for this morning’s whole blood donation! You idiots won’t be getting you emergency blood from me anytime soon if y’all continue your irksome ways!
This morning around 0900 and after breakfast, Dad reported to us that he felt like falling over, as if he wanted to fall down on his knees. I have been experiencing this vertigo-like episodes in the days leading up to Harvey hurricane.

I would feel like while lying down, while turning my head, and most especially when trying to get outta bed. I had to promptly lie back down into bed to get my bearing. Also, I couldn’t sleep well!

I had my morning mare in which an entity with big hands came up from behind my sleeping form, which was turned to its right side, facing a general north by eastern direction.

It wanted to grab me or something to that effect. I wasn’t afraid but generated my crucifix with my right hand and wanted to present it towards its unknown face.

I sensed that the male entity cringed back by pulling back both its hand briefly and went after my right-handed crucifix or cross generated by my mind.

But I awoke from a slight lucid dream and felt my right move to to the weight of my smartphone still in my right hand.

I’m not fatigued, bothered,  worried, but still wondering why y’all can’t deal with a little storm and evacuate when instructed or at least afford the Internet to research the best course of action. 

After all, y’all don’t seem to care or know what to do and blame the government for everything. As I mentioned y’all will loose your shred of freedom, maybe starting with martial law as y’all can see with the National Guards. I mean, why take the tidbits slowly apart? It’s much easier coming down hard with a single stroke of the hammar.

Now, stop manipulating the weather!

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