Well, I’m blogging with my universal stylus, on my new iPad A1822 (2017), and via my new “paper like” screen protector. I love the scratchy paper of this screen protector against my things and it allows my stylus to operate normally. However, the usual lag exists.

Now, I’m switching to my thick thumbs. It’s much faster but the screen is too wide. As a result, I’m not a happy thumb-blogger! The only way to accomplish this work is by propping up the device on my abdomen.

I can’t blog in public because my blog site is visible on the upper left hand corner of the ‘new’ post screen! That’s another ding on my blogging experience. So I’m stuck blogging at home.

This device is useless as it’s only good as a commercial vehicle for buying stuff, such as apps and music! I’ll save this blog post in draft mode and blog via my Nook HD Plus and report my findings.

20170830-2214. My Nook HD Plus has died! Yesterday, I deleted apps not originally installed via Google Play. Then tonight I deleted my favorite PDF reader app, thinking that the slowness of opening up the PDF files won’t fail.

I think it cannot open up LARGE files, such as my Choral Praise Third Edition hymnal. For smaller files, the Nook HD Plus seems to work. It won’t work when singing live and when switching speedily between files is necessary.

Lo and behold, I’m blogging from a backup tablet – the AT&T Trek 2 HD, or ZTE K88. While waiting in the car with Mom at the handicapped parking lot for Dad to finish his eyeball visit, I’ve discovered how lightweight and narrow on the sides enough for thumb-blogging with my SMALL hands!

So I went to smile Amazon com for ASPCA donations and bought a $8 whatever case or cover for protection. Tonight while saying our usual daily rosary prayers of three chaplets, my brain thought – hey, I can use this tablet inside my new Oberon Design black leather case! It’s smaller on the sides but with the incoming case or cover, the stuff should fit.

Unlike the Nook HD Plus, this device has a cellular data plan. My new iPad A1822 (2017) doesn’t have a plan. All I need is a lightening speed, portable storage device with Wi-Fi. But the Apple product is still slightly heavy for holding up during choir.

Now I’ll test my files and it’s speed response. Eventually, in two years, I’ll get new devices. Once again, I will have the opportunity to try new stuff as long as I have a job to maintain the stuff.

Which brings me to my striving towards a minimalist life with Apple products. But I’m failing, as I’ve noticed that the law of balance requires that I have some stuff to remain reasonably happy.

So today three more orders of accessories arrived. I’ll stop when I’m broke. Yup.

One thought on “20170830-2038-Stuff

  1. 20170830-2332. Never mind! My Nook HD Plus still works. I deleted my favorite PDF reader, thinking that less ‘apps’ means more memory storage for my stuff. So I just reinstalled it and now it’s okay, only I have to wait until the device loads the LARGE PDF file. Long live my nookie!


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