At 2001 PM, I received an email from Meister C, our fearless leader. The horse teeth wants us to bring potluck stuff. Well, I don’t cook but I guess Mom will help whip up something. I’d rather buy from the store to save myself the trouble. I expect the event to last no more than one hour, since I don’t care to communicate with these reptilianz with ‘soompoong’. Huh.

Anyway, I purchased three more items via smile amazon com for ASPCA donations. But those won’t arrive until Monday, which is a holiday, Labor Day. And I don’t know how that’s possible. We’ll see. I didn’t know about the straps to help hold up these HEAVY electronic devices. I find my seven inched-display to the AT&T Trek HD 2 (ZTE K88) TOO HEAVY to hold up with both hands. Hopefully I’ll try to see if which of the two straps work. The third item is a screen protector, which I don’t really need.

Compared to the three tablets that I have on hand, I would rate my iPad A1822 (2017) as the fastest speed, following by the ZTE K88, and then the Nook HD Plus. But all three are equally capable of pulling up my sheet music. If I was to use a table for one song – Here I Am – which uses a main version of verses and a separate JAD version for the refrain, I’d use the iPad because I need to switch between the two scanned pdf files. Yup.

I’ve loaded the old JAD music into my ZTE K88 at 9.47 GB to supplement the hymnal and responsorial. The other two have LARGE storage at 32 GB and 29 GB for my or my iPad and my Nook, respectively, both of which have all my scanned sheet musics to boot.

Yeah, so I’m just waiting until one fails or whatever and continue my VOLUNTEER singing gig to nowhere. Seriously, I may need a temp job soon to replenish my dwindling stash of cash. I’m enjoying the spending of stuff that I really don’t need. And once again my minimalist lifestyle is failing as the ‘law of return’ and balance requires me to have some stuff.

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