I’m really benefitting from the QWERTY keyboard of my new Blackberry KEYone smartphone via Sprint. In conjunction with the built-in ‘dictionary’ I’m able to get the best match for predicted words. All I do is punch one to two or three letters and select from the dictionary menu of words. Or if I’m in a hurry, I keep typing away.

The two Tilapia fish is in a vice grip of the fish flipping metal thingy and flipping it over the two Hibachi heavy metal grill thingy is easy. Mom can smell the burning. I made sure that the aluminum fish flipping grill is sprayed well with veggie oil in a can.

Dad is harvesting his mini, bite-sized tomatoes from the backyard. We’ll chop those and purple onion, too. Both will be stuffed inside the two Tilapia fish. It’s warm out here with slight warm breeze. Love it.

I took a shower after mid-morning mass due to perspiring under my polyester maroon gown. I’ll take another shower to wash the smokey barbecue smell. Mom said the smoke means it’s cooking and we would flip it over again. Love it.

Yesterday I got mad at Dad for not watering the dying and drying vine plants. I told him that if the leaves die off the baby chayote squash won’t have their protective ‘umbrellas’ from the heat of the sun.

But he spent time out back after lunch to garden, partly to avoid Das Squirrel who doesn’t seem to care about his Dad and OLD family, except for his Facebook friends, like Meister C and his little sister. Stupid generations. Sick of them.
20170903-1629. Mom is working on the two cooked Tilapia while I loaded up the grill with six of seven eggplants. I sprayed their skin with veggie oil but Mom didn’t want those to peel off. When the skin explodes or when the eggplant looks mushy, it’s cooked. Freaking warm outdoors.

Still using the LTE at two outta five bars of signal strength.

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