Watch “Full Show – Putin Predicts AI Will Be The New Superpower Kingmaker – 09/05/2017” on YouTube

20170906-1036. After our AT&T service has been restored with a BIGGER router and a new HDMI cable, we’re catching up on old YouTube videos, such as

Anyway, yesterday Father Jonathan said in his sermon that we shouldn’t worry about upsetting news and when demonic spirits capture the imagination we should redirect focus our faith on God, who is all and everything with rosary prayers, for example.

Yeah so with regards to the noise of your ‘fake news, y’all had seven years, heck, eons to fix your mess! And now y’all wanna us buy supplements and other supplies that may or may not prolong our insufferable lives!

For example, little Kimmy the NoKo piglet who has murdered humanz, is a known menace and yet y’all can’t seem to stop him, George Soros, and other satanic spirits.

All I know is that MY reality is in the Matrix. Time and time again, Mom has regurgitated my exact words one day after blogging my stuff online!

So if y’all really wanna make a difference, y’all don’t need to take care of pressing issues online. Just stop these idiots from BLM, AntiFA, and other freaks and terrorists, if y’all ‘reality’ want.

But y’all ‘can’t’ seem to stop them conventionally though you’re supposedly ‘advancers’ technologically. I await nothing, which matters.

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