Dear diary,

I’m blogging by a battery-powered latern and on my MacBook Air. My parents and my parakeets are asleep as I try to fall asleep from too much excitement.


Yesterday, I’ve been wondering WTF is up with my Windows Preview Build and have failed to open some frequently visited sites. For example, I couldn’t log into the att.com site on three web browsers. I can’t seem to update a recent HP product as the install is stuck.

So I decided to hold-off on donating my two Windows product and use those for storage. I’ll use my MacOS for browsing, blogging, and my favorite tasks, scanning and archiving. Once again, I love the architecture of the MacOS with is buttery-smooth, lightening-speed features.

I had to ERASE my external hard drive – WD My Book (4TB) in order use this disk for ‘Time Machine’, which will delete old stuff as the disk becomes full. I still have my Seagate 4TB for old stuff and I don’t know if that’s gonna be used for back-up as well. My current Dropbox deal is $99.00 for 1 TB per year versus Apple’s 2TB per year for the same price.


In the evening, I had a difficult time trying to watch YouTube on the Toshiba, which didn’t appear on my list. I tried the pre-installed YouTube app on the Toshiba but it wouldn’t log in. I checked the network and it was set-up fine. I already linked the code between the Toshiba two days ago and my YouTube account but it still didn’t work.

So I temporarily switched the 40 inch Toshiba with the Sharp 36 inch smart television, which worked fine until I mysteriously saw the Toshiba listed back on the YouTube app via my smartphone. But the 36 inch screen is still too small to view in our living room.


I’m tempted to donate this wonky Toshiba for a new 4K version and at the same time donate an OLD refurbished HP tower and a NEW HP laptop for a store credit in the form of a gift card. It doesn’t make sense to keep junk that doesn’t function properly. Plus the wonky Toshiba doesn’t seem to have any updates available for its pre-installed software apps.


I’m still un/der employed and do NOT foresee myself working full-time ever again. I’m dedicating myself to blogging and caregiving. It’s all I could do with my ‘knowledge’ of the Matrix and pals and with bad temper around stupid and crazy humanz. It’s NOT just at work. It’s at church, too, where too many disturbed sinners congregate. Yucky stuff. Eww.


I got my accessory straps two days ago and only ONE of the three items would seem to fit ALL three electronic reader devices. One strap is specially designed for the ZTE K88 without a case. The small one has an adhesive backing meant for smartphones. And I still haven’t installed the screen protector.


I’ve been hitting the notes for the tenor part two days ago and yesterday during Mom’s cardiac rehab via my new iPad A1822 (2017). And this is possible with the GarageBand app set to the ‘Grand Piano’ default settings. Without this app, I can’t program my brain to see, hear, and sing the notes with perfect pitch.

I noticed that I cannot be LOUD as a tenor and when I tried to expel the noise en route to picking up my parents after finishing the lecture series on Cholesterol, I felt my ‘left’ vocal cord itch as if my former and constant coughing spells have injured the site. I don’t have the range to open up the sound properly. But I could ‘hear’ the song with tempo in my mind. The brain is too fascinating as it’s capable of being programmed well.

7. It’s time to sleep as I will wake up early to decide if I wanna donate whole blood after lunchtime and/or junk my computers tomorrow, since it’s a downtime day until Friday’s busy schedule again. Eh.

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