We did an ‘awesome job’ and ‘excellent work’ today per an email. But I don’t know how Meister C could hear our variances. I couldn’t hit the notes and only two tenors isn’t gonna make much impact. The children choir is better than us old farts as I assume the youngsters can read music.

Kathy mentioned to me what Lito pointed out a few minutes laster: our fearless leader didn’t wear the attire of white top and black bottom. Both noticed that the organist also wore the same as us. Mom also said that his mother probably couldn’t convince him to dress like everyone else. I think the jerk’s twit girlfriend failed, too. He needs a real PINOY Wifey to smack him down good.

Anyway, the day after you tried to move Elizabeth and Yoly from soprano to alto, Yoly and her bitchy attitude went back to her seat and refused to try singing alto with us. She gripped my right hand/wrist/forearm really tight and it hunted as she complained to Connie. She shouldn’t sing responsorial anymore because she’s outta tune.

She is bitchy because she ignored my parents and me in the hall today. Mom said she’s a bitch too and warned me to stay away from people like her, but be cordial. She turned her back to us, went to the bathroom, and said aloud ‘Let’s go’.

Y’all need to tell her and the CFC members what the Respondent living directly adjacent to us has done and said. And Mom did so to Zen afterwards. We won’t let this damn Parish go under with the likes of these ‘brownies, which could explain why Ate Ising gave me unsweetened cacao disks from Davao – that we’re pieces of shit, symbolically speaking, of course.

It’s too bad that you disturbed reptilianz are trying to go to heaven by infiltrating the religious sectors. But as the Dorkboy mentioned in his blog post, y’all can acknowledge and accept Yeshua as your savior. It’s never to late.

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