Watch “Full Show – World Exclusive: Plan To Isolate, Destabilize, And Destroy Donald Trump Leaked” on YouTube

20170911-2309. Mom TOTALLY believes in this crap. However, she did noticed that Trump’s demeanor seemed ‘softer’ recently especially in his speeches. I’m gonna have to believe that Trump Mafia is correct about the likes of Alex Jones, Michael Savage, and Mark Levin.

I already knew that he’s being ‘controlled’ by ‘them’ because although he has to play the part well as a ‘messenger’, for example, he failed to prove that the fateful 9/11 event was a ‘controlled demolition’, considering that his turf is on or about New York, and that he has knowledge in construction of buildings and such.

That’s my take. I do NOT like how y’all are hyping the current reality of this/my Matrix. All I know is that y’all want something from the humanz and y’all have been creating too much propaganda noise and then turning that fiction into a policy of all sorts.

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