Well, yesterday seemed normal until the Twit Wifey dropped by uninvited around 1800. Then the indoor atmosphere turned weird.

Mom celebrated her 77th at homed with salty foodstuff of noodles and fried rice, with too sweetened mocha cake, and with Das Squirrel and his Twit Wifey fighting and using the F word.

She came with a large gray shirt, which was too tight fitting for Dad who told her along with Mom NOT to buy anymore clothes due to having a closet full of shirts.

She also brought a bunch of flowers, filled up the glass vase with warm then cold water, and then sat down after I screamed AWKWARD loudly because she brought dust mask in consideration of her smelly bad cold.

Mom said it’s okay because she’s not contagious due to having a strong immune system toughened as a nurse for the past 33 years.

Dad opened the topic of her rudeness but failed to complete his sentences fully. Mom said that she has refused our food, bringing her own water, our hospitality, and our culture.

She has shed her crocodile tears that Das Squirrel doesn’t listen to her. And she claimed that the pressure is upon her and that she has been covering him financially. He made a good point that jobs are hard to find.

(Mom has yet to tell Das Squirrel that the Twit Wifey shouldn’t be saving until near retirement years and that both should focus on paying the bills. It sounds like she’d rather enjoy now and pay later.)

Anyway, Das Squirrel can’t seem to go forward in life as he continues to hold on to the past with his hurt feelings of being prevented from doing what he is good at – making noise.

He has recently been invited to a group of martial artists near Seaside, CA by an old guy. If y’all see a tall good-looking Filipino boy, that’s the goofy kid who never seemed to grow up though he can switch faces to come across as knowledgeable, which he is.. 

Anyway, when Glen S banged LOUDLY in the dark and on our front black iron grill, Das Squirrel panicked and ran to hide inside our laundromat area!

From my personal observation, he is truly a failure in defending his OLD family by not being able to man-up to the stranger who turned out to be our childhood neighbor living next door to Billy and Melody our Chinese neighbor behind us. He’s mentioned something about working or signing up with Homeland Security or whatever.

I guess that’s why he thinks that taking martial arts is gonna help him. But it won’t help him control his VERY bad temper from past hurt feelings of being stopped from doing what he loves – running and biking. No one is stopping him, even if he goes broke! Such pride and arrogance will be his downfall.

And so Mom called him around 2200 pm tonight and he ranted about us not answering the phone, and that he left several messages. I checked the AT&T call log and saw that there was a 0:00 duration incoming call at 0738 am. I was fast asleep when I heard the phone ring four times and hung up. Mom said that she was within arm’s length from her rocking chair but it was too late. 

At 0400 am or so, I awoke to pee and saw that my smartphone was overheated and at 40 % juice due to leaving the YouTube app opened the whole time. Then I tried to depressurize on the lazy boy recliner but transferred back to my temper pedic mattress. 

Yeah, so while Mom tried to calm the psycho on the phone, I ranted in the background that he shouldn’t bother us with his bad temper and problems, and that I don’t wanna be near someone accusing us that we blocked his phone number. I think the Lawd Gawd is protecting us from his stress with her and with his work.

The thing is, he failed to send me a text message to confirm his ride for this morning and took Uber for $55 instead. He’s usually good about texting. So naturally after last night’s birthday bickering, I guess he didn’t have the nerve and assumed I’d come Beck and Call on demand. He could have tried to ride his scooter over to find out if we got mugged or something. But he has to have his way. Dad was still sleeping too. Dad told the Twit Wifey why she can’t drive him. After all, that’s what couples are supposed to do, correct?

So after she hung up the phone, Mom insisted that I send him a text message that I’ll carpool him. I already said okay a few minutes after he heard me rant ALOUD. But I guess he got hurt feelings that I’m not nice and will find someone else to carpool.

Oh wait, he tends to complain about everything. The Twit Wifey said so. She said so many things, that I couldn’t remember. I guess my Prayer of Forgetfulness is operational since I’ve noticed that I can’t remember what I ate within in past 24 hours!

Oh and it rained on Monday, I think, but can’t recall. We were coming home from Mom’s 1600 PM cardiac rehab. Dad had to wipe down his MB E430 today. Dad and I had bought birthday cards and mocha cake earlier that morning.

Oh and when Mom said for them to DIVORCE aloud, the twosome were fighting and the Twit Wifey asked Das Squirrel what he wanted and that she needs to know how to take the next step of level of their incompatible relationship. I sensed wearisome voice levels and I guess that they were so used to bickering ONE decade while dating and still fighting nine years after marriage, and that it’s how they get their JOLLY released. Brouhaha. Damn reptilianz! I had my back turned towards them as I clean out the dirty parakeet tray and vacuumed more spillage. I wasn’t bothered because they’ll fix their mess. They’re both intelligent though. I don’t get it.

I carried Glenn’s baby girl, who is half Filipina and one-half Japanese and one-half NAI from British Columbia, Canada. Very cute and heavy! Damn spooks! Oh and he inquired if we knew about the parked vehicles. He must have heard the twosome fighting! 

I said, yeah, the two matching yellowish RVs appeared to be the old neighbors. They used to park across the cul-de-sac long ago. I told Glenn that they might be homeless and in my mind it isn’t nice to squeal on neighbors or homeless who isn’t doing anything to anyone personally, though there may be the potential of observing our schedules. There is still the other yellowish RV parked across from our side streeting facing fence and a recent blackish trailer with a shiny silvery exhaust hood sticking out atop the roof. It is hitched to a truck.

Anyway, Mom is passed out on her French Provincial high back chaise and Dad is asleep, just as the parakeets are. I’m not holding my breath for these damn spooks and reptilianz, who are giving Das Squirrel a difficult time. One coworker was on the verge of walking out today.

Why are y’all so worked up about your stressful jobs? Just do the best, smile, and have faith in God for good outcomes. The signs to move on and out have been ever present and PERFECTLY placed for our education. I know because though there is traffic, for example, time and time again, we seem to reach our designation barely and miraculously on time. After all, y’all need money to cover your enslaved debt to TBTP and Pals. Good night! 

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