Well, I’m NOT very patient when it comes to reading. But I forced myself to finish the first chapter ‘Showing Up’.

I can see she is trying to trigger emotional responses base on a list as found on the anti-discrimination laws.

She does attempt to not blame but ‘call out’ critical details, just short of unfavorable truth about the persons named in her book.

“Listening to Trump, it almost felt like there was no such thing as truth anymore. It still feels that way.” (Page 22).

Holy crap! The above-mentioned quote is a prime example of how she uses feelings over thoughts as a basis to justify her alternate realty/dimension. I told y’all!

In the following two paragraphs, she is trying to demonstrate that repetitious torture and pain can result in the altered perception of realty/dimension.

And so she is trying to associate Trump as some sort of unscrupulous leader who can tell a lie. She may just be frustrated with herself but projects her failings on others.

I’m also sensing from the get-go that she didn’t write this or any of her books entirely without knowledge from others.

I think most writers simply regurgitate what others have written and inject undue influences into what the intended target audience expects – hurt feelings of being aattacked, just like Das Squirrel.

Yup. That’s why I NO longer wish to read books, or watch movies, because it’s all propaganda. It removes our senses away from what is beautiful – nature and all things NOT artificial in intelligence.

Wow! Is my analysis correct? 

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