Dear Lawd Gawd,

Please kill me now! We went to bed around 2330 last night and I awoke one hour ago and I can’t get back to sleep! So I started browsing my favorite electronic store for my dream computer stuff. When slowly I began to research how to remotely control my computer laptop with my smartphone and/or tablet.

I came across the Apple Airplay and thought to myself that I cannot afford to buy stuff without a job, which may be soon after getting a text message from a headhunter and interviewing with her 1300 while my parents waited in their car.

So I stopped and got outta bed and decided to try the Chrome Desktop Remote on my HP Envy laptop, which is connected to the Toshiba, which is no longer a smart television since it cannot connect wirelessly to the internet!

Lo and behold! I’m able to control my stuff while sitting in my new lazy boy recliner, instead of sitting in front of my HP Envy laptop and controlling the shit.

Tomorrow, I plan to move my HP Envy laptop underneath the Toshiba NOT smart television, so the long HDMI cable isn’t running along the living room.

I’ve temporarily ‘borrowed’ my Dad’s makeshift exercising rug to place over the HDMI cable, so that no one, not even Mom and her four-wheeler rollator, would trip over the offending item.

Maybe I’ll transfer it now, since I’m still freaking WIDE awake. I’m currently using my spare AT&T ZTE K88 (7″) tablet to blog this current post with two thumbs, since the screen to my Blackberry KEYone is too freaking small to navigate.


FLYNN B, the slow one and in league with Evil Kitty, the super genius.

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