Mom and Conchita (or Auntie-in-law Babe) are talking. Mom shared her stories about Das Squirrel and his Twit Wifey squabbling over finances, upon which Mom told them to divorce, which is true. Now the two old timers are talking about Auntie-in-law Gloria (my Uncle Mac’s wifey). Both wives are ‘bastos’. And Mom has lots of stories to share about her and other relatives.

Mom decided it is useless and hopeless to stop these arrogant fools from falling down despite sharing an alternate route and we noticed that the only time that ANYONE needs our help or recruit us for crap, like at church with Ising and Kathy, is when they need something. Phooey! And that’s why I told Mom that I didn’t want to bother Das Squirrel for anything because it’s like begging someone for something that shouldn’t be owed.

Auntie-in-law Babe can’t stop her husband either and she gave Mom that usual look of frustrated resignation. One day the twosome stopped over because Mom wanted Babe to sew her a golden dress for the 50th Wedding Anniversary. Babe quietly and patiently measured Mom, traced and cut a generic wrapping paper as a pattern for sewing, and continued talking to Mom.

Within minutes, Uncle Rudy said outloud (like that bitch Yoli with a MUCH shorter husband who has a smaller head than hers): ‘Let’s go!’ He’d walk around in his white sock, stuff both his swollen hands in his front jeans pockets (like Das Squirrel), and continue his impatient withdrawal from our presence.

I told him to ‘Go ahead’! Because I know where Babe lives and will drive her home. And in my mind, I’m thinking: ‘You stupid fat jerk! Sit down and behave!’ Even Dad doesn’t understand that his brother wasn’t looking directly at him and Dad wouldn’t stop yakking at his younger brother, who wouldn’t talk to his own brother. Psychos!

Rudy’s face looks like Asmodeus, the demon, with its protuding skin bumps and awful texture of reptilian leather. He used to smoke and probably still does. His son probably still Rod smokes and, like I mentioned in my recent blog, is living in sin with his cheerleader girlfriend in Las Vegas, NV. The proud parents of the sinner said the house of Rod is almost paid off. Of course, he’s an emergency doctor and according to Das Squirrel is making three times that of engineers or one-quarter of a million dollars.

As for Ruchille, her face looks so wore down and haggard from working VERY hard to raise two children with a husband Jonathan, who is a first cousin of that Visayan female Malou N, who once worked at KPIX’s Evening Magazine.

Yup. That makes Ruchille’s two children my second cousins by blood. I sorta kinda mentioned that in my OLD blog. But I guess y’all don’t believe. I’m the other cousin living in San Jose, CA that the ingrates don’t mention, since I do NOT have a Facebook, Twitter, or Facetim account. Hmm.

Oh and Auntie-in-law Bella called recently to announce that Marianne had her third child. Of course, she works in a law firm up in Palo Alto, CA, while her husband works in Google. They both can afford that lifestyle. Also, Bella may have Chinese bloodline from an old photo of a man dressed in a traditional outfit. That’s why Marianne is successful because she’s smart like a Chink, I guess. She can afford and does wear expensive outfits, by the way.

Let’s see. Who else can I cross-reference to ‘prove’ nothing but truth? No one else for now, until I can find data that no one would really care about. After all, I’m putting this stuff out because we humanz are imperfect and when all affected parties are inflicted with the blessed senility, everything else falls away like memory.

No one cares. ‘Kanya, kanya’ in Tagalog. Meaning ‘to each his/her own’. Meaning accept each other without judgement and mind your own damn business. Good evening, chumps!

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