Dear diary,

I love my MacBook Air! I’ve been blogging recenty here at WordPress with my new laptop. My productivity has been enhanced with lightening speed responses and logical layouts, such as the four View as Icon, List, Columns, and Cover Flow. I use the Columns because I have many sub-folders. I use the delete to determine which duplicate files to deete.

I’m hoping the upcoming iOS11 update will allow for ease of moving my files. I find that in order to ‘move’ a file, I would have to drag and drop and that’s rough on my right hand and wrist due to the Magic Mouse doesn’t seem to respond as quickly and as surely as I’d like, though it’s easier to leave the system preferences at ‘default’.

The easier way to move files is to use the Magic Keyboard: copy (Command-C) files and then paste (Command-V). But I have to delete the copied files to avoid duplication. I’m still getting used to typing in complete SILENCE and without the clickety sound that I’m so used to hearing. I’m still typing over the provided plastic cover of the keyboard to protect it from my grimy fingers and tips.

I love how the male-voice system annouces the hours, especially in military time, my favorite time format. I love how there is little to no bloatware. I love how the Safari browser and mail apps ‘memorizes’ my current Google profiles. I did’t realize that a small 13 inch laptop screen is all I needed.

Currently, my HP Envy is only being used to provide internet connect to the Toshiba 40 inch smart television, which is now rendered DUMB. I have my old HP refurbished tower, which is now used as a duplicate storage to sync my Dropbox files. It’s hooked up directly to our new bigger AT&T router via a ethernet cable.

As for my three readers, I’m NOT using the Nook HD Plus. My spare AT&T Trek 2 (or ZTE K88) is being used as a Chrome Desktop Remote controller to the HP Envy latop when Mom wants to watch YouTube, especially Infowars. I’m using my new iPad A1822 (2017) for choir.

I have two external drives (Seagate 4TB and WD My Book 4TB) and two scanners (Epson FastFoto FF-640 and Canon MX432) which can scan documents as .pdf file format! The third scanner (Epson Perfection V550 Photo Scanner) is for my defunct project of scanning 35 mm film negatives.

As for my Blackberry KEYone, I don’t use it much. I neither receive nor place phone calls! I send text messages to Das Squirrel but I don’t talk to him much either. I blog once in awhile. I check my emails. And that’s about all that there is.

And Mom is bitching about using the computer. Without computers, I can’t pay their bills, she can’t view YouTube, and I can’t blog. Why is Infowars triggering her brain? It’s true humanz are dissociating from socializing. Good! Less cooties, less drama, less trouble. I don’t want to do this or do that. I want my internet. And don’t touch my computer.

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