Dear horse teeth,


I’m a failure! Singing tenor is too low that I want to punch the face of TBB, our local politician who has that smug look on her face as she walks down the center aisle while we wait for our crackers and as she giggles from her pew. She is dark-skinned Ilocano who wears too much tanned makeup to cover up her sins. I wonder what happened to her husband, who seemed to have disappeared after her failed campaign to run on an official election ballot. Brouhaha!

Anyway, I can’t hear my voice over the swollen butts! I had my ear plugs off and on and still I can’t program my freaking old stubborn gray matter to hit the notes!. My brain is still programmed to sing the higher notes among the altos. As a result, I couldn’t sing loud enough and that invisible faggot Lito sat in his old place in the back. I told you he’s not comfortable with the seating arrangements.


Zen M the swollen butt sat in her old place because she can’t walk well from sitting hours on end in front of the computer among her precious museum furnitures. Ramon M her husband complained that despite her surgeries, she still uses a cane and walks slow. We would never set foot into her house EVER because she makes visitors put on those stupid sock shoes, which the elderly Marcle and her husband trouble putting on during that one party, which Mom sense the old woman didn’t want.


As for Glo S the divorce, I saw that she kicked the wire to the microphone kicked aside off the floor, just as I brushed close and scooted in front of Yoli who was blocking my way and waving to the audience, whatever. She looked over her left shoulder at me after she sat down, hunched over, sitting to the left of Zen. I told y’all that I’ve got a bad temper and get VERY impatient. I should have waited for her to go. But being that I drive 80 miles per hour on the road, get outta way, please!


As for the other swollen butt, Rosemary the Ilocano complained to our fearless leader about her goof in NOT singing the responsial today. She’s another idiot. I swear I’m sick of these Filipinos! I’m checking my email and sure enough the CORRECT UPDATED spreadsheet has been sent on 8/31/2017 at 19:04 PM. So if she dares make a fool of you my dear dark chocolate, she’s really demonstrating that there is something wrong with her, too.

I swear I could see the zombie-effect pasted on their blank faces as if they pretend NOT to acknowledge the presence of other humanz. I think these swollen entities are just so nasty to look at. Mom is distressed that they can get so HUGE. Disgusting. Eww.

‘It’s NOT your fault.’ Yes, it’s Rosemary’s fault, my dark chocolate. She FAILED to review her email and double-check for any updates. Do NOT take their shit. Dad saw Rosemary shake her head in frustration. That was embarrassingly TOO obvious. That’s why I left immediately because they won’t stop complaining. They’re only volunteers who CANNOT read music! WTF do they think they are? Nasty.

Forgive me my crazy and stupid humanz, but no one is perfect. That’s why we should just pray for each other and learn to forgive. I y’all can’t then to hell with y’all! Sorry, but I do NOT feel comfortable around y’all. I may leave after the five years gig is up. I just prefer staying at home and blogging. I don’t like being up there or working either. Can I wear a hoodie to hide? Brouhaha!


Evil Kitty

P.S. I don’t know why my blog is zoomed-in after pressing the ‘delete’ button repeatedly. Nothing in the ‘help menu’ is pointing the way.

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