Greetings, I’ve received two email on 9/14 and 9/15 and below is my IMHO only response. Thank you.

Tell the Senate: BUILD THE WALL

I voted to protect America’s borders and end illegal immigration.

That can only happen if we build a wall along our Southern border.

The Senate must approve the down payment so that President Trump can BUILD THE WALL.

Add your name. [Hiss by Evil Kitty]


P.S. Forgive me, but what Evil Kitty meant to say is: to build that wall above and below ground and install lazers and other sensorz to zap the ILLEGAL ALIENS from climbing and tunneling, respectively, and flying, too.


20180124-1643. Addendum to this privately published weblog post.

Did y’all know that it is NOT just the physical wall that is necessary? Y’all need to stop the FUNDS that allow for sanctuary cities to thrive, to stop policies that allow for chain migrations, and to remove the criminals from the USA territories, too, and dump them somewhere, say, like Guantanmo Bay.

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