To my dear dark chocolate,

While waiting for Mom’s thirty minutes empty stomach medicines to kick into action, I’ve been practicing the Tenor part for ‘Domine, labia mea aperis’ by Orlando De Lassus (Orlando di Lasso), which isn’t too low unlike Sunday’s music yesterday. I got it down pat. So if you decide to practice this Thursday, then I really know you’re spying on my evil blog!

Forgive me, I do love choral music and old school rap and don’t really listen to the latter and hard rock music nowadays since I’m busy ranting. I just get freaking frustrated at myself that although I can read music and punch the notes into the piano, my brain cannot be programmed to sing the notes. Isn’t that weird?

Oh, yeah. Can y’all please shut up? I cannot hear my own voice, which is the primary reason why I couldn’t sing my tenor part since Lito also is a faggot bitch. I tried to match the noise with the only male bass voice behind me somewhat successfully and took it from there.

Usually when I hit the note for a verse or line, I either already programmed my vocal cords or relied on the others nearby. And then after the brain established the approximate location of the notes, I take it from there. 

I can hear the song in head and where my voice is located. But over the years, I noticed that any background noises triggers cloudy brain! Sheesh! And I get that WTF look on the face on where I’m supposed to sing.

And that bloatware Kathy S threw me off. She stood directly behind me during an old JAD piece. I wanted to try the tenor but I guess that’s it, if she’s disturbed enough not to faith in our section, considering that Joy U has a musical background. 

That’s why volunteers are poo poo. I’d rather sing among the intermediate professionals than to put up with lack of discipline. By the way, your PR needs improvement. I know it’s a pain to cross-train and remind old timers who think they know everything. 


Evil Kitty with Antipolo curls and Bohol spirits.

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