I’m researching a past earthquake that occurred in my neighborhood on or about 20170914-1825 in the evening, which I reported via https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquake/eventpage/unknown#tellus.

I noticed that the form has been changed to a decreased number of fields to specifically describe what is going on – such as type and structure of the house. I remember filling in wooden and stucco in the past.

Lo and behold! Even the government is covering-up this data fact! I’ve conclued that the government is also ‘fake news’ and that ANY and ALL government datasets can and will have been fudged!

DO NOT DOUBT UNTO MOI, chumps! I have my god-damned eyeballs on y’all!

Anyway, Mom was sewing and I was at my computer workstation just a hop and skip away from Mom, who was sewing. Both of us felt the shaking and creaking of our two-store, family residential house.

I went out back and inquired if Dad felt the shaking. He replied, No. He was watering the make-shift, wooden stand of potted orchid plants, which don’t seem to be flowering all that much despite Dad’s efforts in fertilizing them.

Yeah, so I’ve subcribed to the Earthquake Notification Service. I hope it works as I expect HTMl formats email to ne.

Dummies! I cannot believe this injustice!

Dear Lawd Gawd,

Please come forth and punish your minions for fudging humanz, animalz, and other creations.


Pissed-off Flynn B.

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