Happy Revelation Day! It’s crispy clear blue skies! I forgot to add that on 20170922-1532 my local time and while washing dishes for our late lunch, I made a dog whistle sound similar to an intro of a naval song in which the following lyrics followed: Now hear this – all hands on deck! (3x) We’re the Navy! Yeah so that piercing sound was me.

On 20170921-1233, and during noontime mass, a copter flew overhead. And as usual and after mass and while headed homebound on SB HWY 101, there were your motorists cutting off. One was a beige sedan that cut in front of me on the first/carpool lane, and then cut in front of another on the forth lane to the GA Pkwy exit and then another cut off on the far right lane. The skinny driver appeared to be a whitish minority with that half poof hair and scraggly hippy beard.

Oh yeah, besides the daily spooks waiting off the right side emergency lane and taking off or opening their doors upon our arrival, daily chores and giving care annoy, err, continue as good daughter and designated driver.

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