1. Do you stand with President Trump for our flag, our country, and our heroes?

YES – I’m a ‘standing’ angel. There are kneeling angels, bowing angels, and sitting angels. I don’t know of any angels that lie supine or prone on the job or kiss the ground.

NO – I only stand because that’s what I do. I do NOT stand for injustice and unfairness, by the way. I do stand up when kneeling, bowing, and sitting becomes tiresome. That’s all.

2. Share your thoughts: (Optional)

I see standing as fine. I see half genuflecting as fine. But y’all are still PLANTED upon this hellish planet. Whatever y’all so do, that’s your business. As long as you don’t forget to give praise and thanksgiving and ask for protection that no one sustain life-threatening injuries or death during your ‘games’, you can even sing and dance and jump, too!

20170925-1922-addendum thought: Oh, yeah. As per the noise on today’s local radio stations, Trump is correct that the employees can be fired for expressing whatever goes against employer policy. They can express their opinions in the community setting but NOT while on the job.

Further, it’s important to remember that NOT unless the NFL wants to operate like the discipline of the military and their strict code of conduct, the players shouldn’t be forced to march to a tune or salute a certain way to express themselves.

They outta remember that the fan base contains children. And if y’all wanna to show the children to behave differently and against the norm, then y’all will have more variances in control of certain behaviors.


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