Dear Lawd Gawd,

Please kill me now! I’m surrounded by crazy and stupid people and there’s nothing I can do to avoid them! It’s like they gravitate to me as I try my best to mind my own business.

For example, an old Asian woman, probably Vietnamese, wouldn’t stop rattling off her mouth for ONE freaking hour! I was finished processing Mom’s vital – her body weight and blood glucose leve – and let the nurse take note of the vital and over Mom’s treatment.

Mom said the Viet wouldn’t stop talking at the table where we normally take her blood glucose level prior to the fifty minute workout on the recumbent bicycling machine. Then after Dad left for his walking, she bugged me. I missed his call midway his walk because she wouldn’t stop yapping!

I’ve learned to listen and ‘mirror’ her hand and body gestures. We talked about family and situations. Well, she did most of the talking as I learned how to hold the corners of my mouth in a rather ‘forced’ upward smile.

My parents and I hurried to eat lunch from 1200 to 1230, and we were sure to make the last of six lecture series – Laughter Yoga scheduled at 1300 PM, when suddenly there was road construction that narrowed a MAIN road into one lane!

I had to scoot right into a mini-mall and use the Google Lady voicing over her mapping directions in the back roads. I managed to cut over in five minutes. But we were late by 15 minutes and thank goodness Karen R started at the time we arrived.

Then the two Asian couple came and were late five minutes. The rest was history as I sat fanning myself while listening to the trouble Viet yakking! I knew she was troubled because she walked fast, paced up and down the hall nonstop, did push-ups on the nearby handles to the HUGE treadmills, etc.

Her speech pattern was rapid fire, of course. Once again, in my OLD blog those with this speech speed is VERY disturbed and troubled! But her thick accent wasn’t too annoying to listen.

Now, at 1841 this evening, I received a text message from the Twit Wifey. She wanted a one to one dialog with me after one – two – twenty years. Nothing’s gonna happen next Monday. I’m NOT the one with the problem. I happily getting overweight being a care giver to the elderly parents.


I’ll just use that ‘Humanitarian Approach’ and let her talk and talk. The bottomline is that it’s up to the two lovebirds to come up with a solution.

I am a VERY poor listener due to my VERY bad hearing since childhood and do NOT have any ‘real ilfe’ experiences with humanz to provide any real input or useful feedback. I’ll just let her know that family is a family.

And as per the troubled Viet earler, she said that as long as her two single children – a boy and a girl – find someone to love and be loving in return, she doesn’t care about anything else. But as a mother, she can’t do anything either.

Other Asians said that the behavior of the Twit Wifey is NOT good. I won’t go into detail because that’s the job of Das Squirrel. He told us that he told her whatever sentiment we had over the years. Even other co-workers told her about our culture but she failed to implement it well. We are NOT contagious but can make you sick with the truth. Brouhaha!

So despite all the dramas of these damn troubled Asians, marriage is important and divorce is frowned upon. But moreover, being married means to MARRY into BOTH families and unify, which won’t work in their case, obviously over the years, we are just used to it, I guess, and lived like it was normal because it’s their culture, and NOT ours. It’s so empty.

Anyway, I refuse to be swayed by either side or any opinions. You idiots wanted each other really, really bad – so stick to each other until death, okay? Those were your vows. And that’s what the Viet said: “What can I do? It’s okay.” Brouhaha!

But I digress. Your priority is your children, which you don’t have. With that said, your priority is the mortgage. You need to pay attention to the here and now and NOT to worry about the future. So if you can’t afford the house, get rid of it. Don’t forget to net out the expenses you put into it after the selling price and that’s what you really got in value.

Too much preparation for the unknown future is best left to God, who alone decides our fate, destiny. In other word, don’t save for later if you can’t afford here and now. Get it? That’s where the Twit Wifey and Das Squirrel differ. He is more laid back and enjoys life. But they fail to see that each offers the other half the lesson – to save or to spend.

With that said, she doesn’t have faith in God. Their culture relies on their ‘hard work’ and the fruits of their labor as the end results. But as mentioned in my recent blog, my parents and I would reach mysteriously our goals in the last minutes, just like today’s freak traffic jam!

Yup. Do NOT doubt unto moi, Evil Kitty! For the Lawd Gawd challenges us to accept many things that we did NOT sign up for! Yes! That’s why today’s lecture series offered us an alternatie to dealing with stress. If their marriage is on the rocks, they need more laughter in their life.

I hope you my dear Lawd Gawd will be merciful to us all as we try to figure out what we want in life. And how we can put up with each other. The Viet looks younger than the patient her husband. She has DARK tattoo eyebrows and a high nose like whitey.

Das Squirrel said she’s a young soul. He’s weird. I think you New Agers and Buddhist alike are NOT followers of the Jesus Christ. Because the way y’all operate towards your in-laws is weird. Am I being prejudice? He is, because he thinks Filipinos are stupid or something like that.



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