Dear Lawd Gawd,

Tonight I’ve learned two things – how to find help in giving care to the elderly parents and how to straighten out an image using the Photo apps for iOS!

Mom said that the caregiving help is only when the patient becomes invalid. So despite having been given the website to research further and to sign up by Joy U, I’ll just go to work for MORE than minimum wage.

That’s if I get the gig up north from my home. The head hunter called this afternoon just as we rounded the corner one-sixteenth of a mile from home. I was driving went she called and I couldn’t do hands-free because the microphone was so far away.

So for ten minutes, starting at 1349, I sat down, confirmed that I received her email, disconnected from the phone conversation, and passed with flying colors of 100 percent – the three Assessment Tests, which surprisingly did NOT include the alpha part to the numeric data entry, which I told Amy V was NOT a thinking job.

I really don’t need the money. But some extra cash would help to bring up my savings of $4,000 up from 2 coconuts, valued on pieces of papers somewhere overseas and probably burned by TPTB and pals for good.

Anyway, choir rehearsal was normal, except Ate Ising forgot her smartphone and mysteriously gravitated up the third row. OMG! It’s like magnetic, a personality which I would like to ‘possess’ for my minions yet unknown. But for now, I’m still attracting the crazy and stupid humanz, as my hardest spiritual test ever!

With regards to my MacBook Air, I love it! The apps are VERY responsive and that’s what I like when I’m trying to be productive with the ongoing daily task of scanning and archiving.

Like I said, I learned how to Edit a photo using the Photo app for iOS. It’s amazing! Below are the steps.

1. Open a pdf file containing your crooked page.
2. Take a screenshot of the offending page.
3. Save as an image file (.jpg, .png, whatever).
4. Open the image file.
5. Click into the image and click the ‘Edit’ button (second from the upper right hand corner.)
6. Play around with the rotation dial icon (third or whatever from the top right column selection.)
7. Play around with the crop icon (second or whatever from th top right colun selection).
8. Click the Done button way on the upper right hand corner.
9. Export 1 Photo.
10. Open your newly exported photo and Export as pdf.
11. Open you pdf combiner app and merge the pdf files.
12. Open the newly created pdf file and delete the damn crooked offending page.
13. Drag and drop your newly merge pdf file in the correct order.
14. Crop other offending pages and save.
15. Voila!

Yeah, I’m really smart! Yup! Should be be paid more than a data entry clerk? Yup. Will I ever be paid what I’m worth? Nope? Am I cursed! Yup.


Evil Kitty

P.S. I emailed both scanned sheet music for their personal use only. I did good tonight (for now until I mess up with something else and with other humanz.)

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